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CM Peters-  CM Peters would like to be ageless but hasn’t found the fountain of youth just yet. She hails from Québec and has been back at writing regularly after a long break since college. An eclectic writer, CM is equally at home penning short erotica, quality fanfiction, and elaborate romance, sci-fi, and fantasy novels. Whatever genre she is working in, CM always centers her stories around complex, relatable characters. She’s been published in erotica and romance anthologies, a collaborative book with Gallery Books, co-edited a few anthologies and is part of the collective The StoryPenners.


 C.L. Williams- C.L. Williams is an international best-selling author living in central Virginia. He has written eight poetry books, four novellas, one novel, and a contributor to a multitude of anthologies and magazines. When not writing, C.L. Williams enjoys reading and sharing the works of fellow independent authors.


Arthur M. Doweyko- Arthur writes science fiction and fantasy. As a PhD scientist, he invented novel drug design software and shares the 2008 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for the discovery of Sprycel, an anti-cancer drug. Novels: Algorithm (2010 RPLA) and As Wings Unfurl (Best Pre-Pub Sci-Fi 2014 RPLA); Anthology: My Shorts (13 short stories, pub 2017). His latest manuscript, Wind-In-Trees (winner of a 2016 RPLA) is currently represented by Stephanie Hanson of Metamorphosis Literary Agency and is about the last human, a Lakota Sioux, facing an apocalyptic invasion. Many of his short stories have garnered awards, including Honorable Mentions in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Competition. He is also an award-winning artist (oil and graphics) who has published book covers and internal illustrations.

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 Jennie L. Morris- As a self-proclaimed Anglophile and research geek, it's no wonder that Jennie L. Morris writes Romance and Historical Fiction with a flair for realism. Her love for learning led to obtaining degrees in Anthropology and Biology, which she often relies on during her writing process. Coming from NE Ohio, and raised on a small beef cattle farm, life was anything but ordinary growing up.

Jennie now resides in rural Kentucky, among the bluegrass and dazzling horse farms, with her amazing husband and their boxer Archie. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is feeding her tea obsession or perfume addiction, letting the scents and flavors fuel her creative fires.


Annie Walls-  Annie Walls is an author of dark and urban fantasy. She resides on the Tennessee countryside with her husband, son, and bulldog. Far, far away from society. She’s a romantic and misanthropist. When she is not writing, she is reading.


 Katey Tattrie spent ten years as a medical professional before she decided she wanted fewer politics and more time to write. Now her days are spent in customer service, wrestling with her muse and characters, all the while hoping she doesn't look too crazy. In her spare time she video chats with her best friend and fellow author, and her fur-nephews.

Chrys Fey- Chrys Fey is the author of the Disaster Crimes Series, a unique concept blending romance, crimes, and disasters. Fey also authored Write with Fey: 10 Sparks to Guide You from Idea to Publication. Catch the sparks you need to write, edit, publish, and market your book! She runs the Insecure Writer’s Support Group Book Club on Goodreads and is also an editor for Dancing Lemur Press.


 Lori Joseph- Lori Joseph is an aspiring author who lives in Melbourne, Florida with her amazing wife, their adoring, ten year old son, two dogs aptly named Barnes and Noble, and three spastic cats. Her only real expertise is the ability to ignore everything around her while reading. Lori is also a fairly good cook and has never met a stranger, talking to anyone to collect tidbits for future stories. She has read several thousand books in her lifetime and only has one goal; to publish no less than 20 books. Lori is working on her first two novels, a paranormal lesbian narrative and a mysterious love triangle, set to be published by June of 2020.

 Renee Hewett- Renee Hewett writes spicy paranormal and sci-fi romance. She’s lived in western New York, central Texas, and Canada (prairies and central). She loves sparkles, cats, true crime, and her day job in marketing.

 Carrie Humphrey- Carrie Humphrey lives in a small town in beautiful North Carolina where she writes, reads, wrangles three children and a husband, and finds the time to travel and swim as much as she can. Her current works include the Briarberry Estate series as well as several anthologies and looks forward to long future of novel and short story writing.

 Harley Easton- Harley Easton is a Renaissance woman dabbling in everything life offers. She's worked at a major theme park, found expert witnesses for legal cases, been a guest lecturer at a well known national museum, and worked with medical students. Putting experience and insanity to good use, she's become an author specializing in erotic, romantic, and speculative fiction.


 Gracen Miller- Gracen is a hopeless daydreamer masquerading as a "normal" person in southern society. When not writing, she's a full-time mom for her two sons and a devoted wife to her real-life hero-husband. She has an unusual relationship with her muse, Dom, but credits all her creative success to his brilliant mind. She's addicted to writing, paranormal romance novels and movies, Alabama football and coffee...addictions are not necessarily in order of priority. She's convinced coffee is nectar from the gods and when blending coffee and writing together it generates the perfect creative merger. Many of her creative worlds are spawned from coffee highs and Dom's aggressive demands. 


 C.L. Roman- C.L. (aka Cheri) Roman, writes fantasy and sci-fi with a paranormal edge. Cheri and her ever-patient husband live in the not-so-wilds of Northeast Florida with Jack E. Boy, the super Chihuahua, Bennie the Jet and Pye. 


Beverly Ovalle-

Valerie Puri-  

Valerie Puri has always had a lifelong interest in all forms of artistic expression. She has tried her hand at many things, yet she always found her way back to reading and writing. With inspiration everywhere, she finally put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard) with the intent of publishing her stories. She believes that the experiences we have in life are just stories waiting to be written.

 Terri A. Wilson- Terri is a former English teacher and librarian. She taught middle and high school and college. Now she works from home homeschooling her two daughters and living out her dreams via her stories. She began escaping into books a little later than most but was hooked after the first book. It has been her dream to give back to the book world since second grade.

When she's not writing or reading, she enjoys binging on Netflix and painting. Due to her crunchy lifestyle and free spirit, she considers herself a recycled hippie. Her most important goal is to help others jump and learn to fly.


Katherine LE White-  Katherine LE White is an award winning poet and fiction writer, who goes about having adventures with her friends and family and then using them as inspiration for her stories.

 Jennifer Wedmore- Jennifer Wedmore is a native of Florida, a wife, mom of three and now an author. Her journey in writing started with a bit of good-natured peer pressure. Growing up her goal was to be known as eccentric and she hopes that is evident in her stories. Why choose one genre when she can play in several?


J.C. Layne-  J.C. lives in Charlotte, NC with her four fur babies. She works a techie nerd job by day and writes to balance out her brain...and to maintain her sanity. Her first love is rock star romance, a result of having spent many years as a music journalist for various outlets. But...paranormal romance is quickly becoming a favorite! J.C. is a die hard Carolina Panthers and South Carolina Gamecocks fan.

 Sherry Rentschler- Sherry Rentschler is a best-selling, multi-award-winning, multi-genre author, editor, and writing coach. A retired US Air Force non-combat veteran, Rentschler completed her bachelor and graduate degrees while serving her country. Her background includes bylines in newspapers, print magazines, and online journals, plus previous work as an assistant poetry editor, and a photojournalist. Rentschler has been a featured author in Southern Writers’ Magazine, and in Focus on Women Magazine, plus was a featured guest speaker on numerous radio shows (The Ron Shaw Show, La Femme de Prose, Off the Chain, Authors Corner, and Hangin’ With Web Show).

Rentschler is the author of paranormal romance fiction, social issues poetry, a fictional memoir, and photography.

Rentschler’s guilty pleasures include fine wine, dark chocolates, and old black and white Sherlock Holmes movies. A recognized vampire scholar and dragon collector, she and her husband live in North Carolina.


L.E. Perez-  L.E. Perez believes in Strong Women, Strong Stories. She writes across all genres and has a love for writing stories that beg to ask why. Based in Orlando, Fl she has been writing for most of her life with no plans to stop.

L.E. (Laura) has several books, short stories and poems under her belt with many more in the works, ranging from thrillers to reapers, to time travel and the paranormal, to romance for all ages. She writes the stories that need to be written which unfortunately makes her a bit of a genre slut.

She is a regular workshop presenter for the Orange County Library System and local writer’s workshop, Writer’s Atelier, on writing topics and loves to promote local resources. She has recently branched out to help doctor action and fight scenes for other writers as The Fight Whisperer.

Her writing role model? Her mother Laura Luzmila who L.E. grew up watching as she worked full time and wrote into the night. 

L.E. lives in Orlando, FL with her partner in life of over 29 years and works full time as a Martial Arts Instructor/District Manager, as well as running her LLC, Palmas Publishing. As an Indie author her philosophy is to pay it forward and she hopes to assist other writers in achieving their publishing goals, she just has to avoid the squirrels!

Debra Parmley- Debra Parmley is a best-selling, mulit-genre author with over twenty books out. She is the author of a dystopian romance trilogy, The Hunger Road. A Change of Scenery, book one, introduces Navy SEAL Warren West and belly dancer Clarissa Heat. Parmley’s story here, in this Are 51 Anthology is a continuation of the couple’s adventures. The story will continue in book two, Down a Back Road and end with book three, Into the Convergence Zone.

Parmley writes dystopian romance, historical romance, contemporary romance, fantasy, fairy tale romance and military romantic suspense. She writes Cover Male Corner interviews for Affaire de Coeur magazine and hosted the radio show Book Lights – Shining a Light on Good Books.

She has worked as a head teller, radio show host, belly dance instructor, city recycling coordinator, advertising rep for two newspapers, and a travel consultant. She escorted a tour group through Scotland, swum with dolphins off the island of Moorea, walked the plank of a pirate ship in Grand Cayman. She has set foot in over thirteen countries and many of her stories are set in places she visited. 

She loves to shoot her Mongolian horse bow, pool and long guns. Dancing, travel, and walking on the beach are three of her favorite things. For the past twenty years, she and her husband have lived just outside Memphis, Tennessee. She is the founder of Shimmy Mob Memphis. 


Tich Brewster- Tich is an Oklahoma resident and the mother of six. Her passion for reading started at an early age when her Aunt Vicky gave her the novel Heidi for Christmas. She didn’t start writing until middle school, after being inspired by her best friend’s short stories. “Genny’s stories weren’t just great, but they inspired me to put my pen and paper to good use.”

 Cass Alex- Cass Alex (A.K.A. Casper Alexandria) specializes in Urban Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, and the occasional anthology. She currently resides in central Florida with the love of her life and two feline furbabies.

When she isn't writing she, um... Well, she is always writing something. She also reads way too much, is a staunch civil and human rights supporter, and likes to wander off and explore new places. Sometimes she even makes it home unscathed.

She is currently knee-deep in submissions to another author's worlds, as well as working on the first books in several new upcoming series. You can also expect to soon see second and third anthologies to follow up her first one - As Cocky As They Come.


Cherron Riser- Cherron Riser is a multi-genre author that writes in romance and paranormal. When not hard at work on her next novel, she can be found with a good read in hand or trying to convince her puppy that she is in fact a dog and not a person. She is a wife and mother to two girls. Her family is unabashedly geeky and enjoys sharing a good board game or role-playing game. Cherron is happy to spend time at conventions enjoying books and the geek life with friends, family, and fans.

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